Sunday, January 11, 2009

I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

This is a sad day. I went to the mall yesterday to, among other things, pick up my Shamwow at the Shamwow Kiosk. Imagine my devasation when i saw that THE SHAMWOW KIOSK IS GONE!!!!!! There is nothing but a big hole where my sainted Shamwow was! i dont want to break down and buy it from the internet, since i dont have full ownership of the internet yet. So, I'm very sad.

we didnt get to have Jenny's Industrial piercing done. This is something that is done at a Tattoo shop. i'm not comfortable taking my 15 year old to a tattoo shop, so it'll just have to wait. She got over her disappointment quickly when i bought her a 24 dollar No Fear shirt.

We've had some insane winds up here the past couple of days. up to 79 miles an hour. Things are flying all over the place, it isnt safe to walk outside. My cats wont step one foot outside, and i cant say that i blame them. My hummingbird feeder fell off its handle, and sugar water went everywhere. i keep waiting for the trees to collapse on my roof.

one last thing, Jennys schooling. I kept Jennifer home the last week of school before Christmas break, and put her on contract. This is where she got a homework packet from all of her teachers and completed it while on break. it has made all of the difference in her schoolwork. Jennifer had a LOT of issues before break, and with some intervention, has found her way. She's signed up for the girls softball team, and also works behind the scenes for the drama class. I encourage after school projects and her teachers are very helpful getting her back on track. Well, almost all of the teachers. Her spanish teacher is a difficult one to say the least. Before the intervention, Jennifer had resorted to hiding notes, and forging progress reports. I am a VERY involved parent, and emailed this teacher AT LEAST 10 times, and left as many voice mails, with no response from her at all. She didnt send a packet for Jennifer to work on as part of her contract. I emailed her about it and she said that she gave it to the counselor to give to me (nope, not true) AND she also said that she is available to meet 15 minutes before school at 7am. Part of her snotty email was
For your information, I am and have always been available the first 15 minutes of lunch for any needed tutoring. Can you believe this? So, i've scheduled a meeting with the principal, myself and Jennifer. Part of my question to her was, If Jennifer was doing so badly all semester, why did she not answer one of my emails or return ANY of my phone calls. i save EVERY email to every teacher, and i will be bringing those with me.

In Jennifers defense, they put her into a much higher level of spanish than she should have been when we transferred to her new school. She says that she doesnt understand any of it, and that the teacher speaks spanish exclusively. I asked Jennifer why she didnt speak up, and she said she did a couple of times, and the teacher told her to focus. So, Jennifer ended up trying to cover it all up. We're lucky it happened in an elective class, as her grade wont count towards anything for college. January 25th is 2nd semester, and she's going to an easier spanish class. And, get this, there are fluent spanish speakers in the class. California is going broke, and we're teaching spanish speakers how to speak their own language.

Thats it. I'm in mourning for my Shamwow, and now, my NY Giants have lost.

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