Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Shame on Novolog etc

Shame on ALL makers of Insulin Pens. Novolog in particular.  This is my statement from Humana for January. Look at the ridiculous price that Novolog is charging for a 90 day supply of my insulin pens. 

Now, if I am a good girl, and spend $1,000.00 in co-pays then Novolog will let me apply for free pens. Yes, apply. Being accepted isn't a guarantee. Isn't that swell of them? Notice how my sleeping meds cost ONLY 3 dollars? 

As long as i keep being a diabetic, Novolog (in particular) will own me.
At this rate, i'm going to either A)hoard my pens (by not injecting the correct amount and therefore save my insulin) or B) win the lottery.

I can see why people are dying.  They can't afford the cure.

if you read this far, please let Novolog (or any other insulin carrier) know that they are probably one of the reasons people are dying. #ShameOnYou

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