Friday, February 5, 2016

Calm down hunny, said everyone...

I have decided that it had to be a man that designed the MRI machine. why? Because getting a Breast MRI is horrific.  Let me show you a pic of the Breast MRI machine, and tell you a story. Then you can decide. 

and trust me, this woman isn't even close to being in as far as i was. or at least as far as i thought i was. 

Thursday, February 4th i was scheduled to get a repeat breast MRI because the one that i had done 6 months ago showed some sort of mass or abnormality.  Yes, i had one done 6 months ago. And no, i didn't have a problem.  

I arrived for my noon appointment on time. filled out the necessary paperwork and was immediately taken back to get the IV contrast needle put in.  Uh, this one hurt. It's never hurt before. I should have taken this as a sign, but no, i didn't . i've had many MRI's since my initial diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 2002.  Heck the last one 6 months ago went swimmingly.

Then i was taken into the MRI room. i got up on the 'bed' that you lie on to get shoved into the machine (okay shoved is a strong term).  As i lie on my stomach, with my breasts fitting into the holes where the MRI machine will do it's job and find or not find my area of concern.

that's where my inner whiny twin took over. The bar hurt my ribs. Just like last time.  The techs tried to make it comfortable for me by putting a folded up pillow case under my ribs, which didn't help.  I figured i just needed to suck it up and get on with it. they sent me into the machine and my back hit the top of the machine. I don't remember that happening last time.  i tried to take a deep breath and that was a big no-go. i asked them to take me out.  

These poor techs were very nice and caring, but this deal was really stressing me out. what??? i don't get stressed out over things like this. i've had MRI's  before.  While they were still trying to make the MRI 'bed' more comfortable for me, i could feel myself getting shaky and next thing i know, here come the tears.  ARGHHH. I don't cry over things like this. i cry when i am mad, and i'm not mad. Well, maybe a little bit. More like pissed off that i'm crying LOL.

Finally, after 40 minutes of try this, try that, i waved the white flag. I apologized that i'd wasted their time, and gave up. They said they understood, and that next time i should ask for a medication to calm my nerves.  

After i came out, my husband asked why i was done so fast. When i told him, he looked at me like i was a failure. Then i showed him the picture i posted above. Then he understood.  

I emailed the doctor and she immediately put in another order for the MRI and called in Valium.  So, i will be going again March 3rd (the appt was scheduled for Feb 25th, but i had a nail appointment that day. Priorities :)

Life does go on. Stay tuned.

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