Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Aloha, Mahalo, and adventures in Oahu.

My daughter bought me a round trip ticket to Hawaii. I went July 7th, and came home on July 16th. There was a tropical storm, and it was a million times more humid than usual.  so humid, it was the lead story on the news.

I had a great time.  Jennifer was a great hostess.  So great, that i'm exhausted. i need a vacation from my vacation. haha. I took a tonnnnnn of pictures, but here's some. I won't bore you with every picture i took~

There's really no order with the pics i've chosen to share. Enjoy!
Pearl Harbor-Hickam Air Field  

                                           View from Jen's apt in                                                                                            Pearl City
                                          Jen and I in Waikiki

                                                      East End of the the island
 The Blowhole in Koko Head Park

                                                 Pearl Harbor Hickam Air Field
Our Tickets to the Memorial
This was taken on the Ferry that takes you to the Arizona memorial

                                            The Arizona Memorial

This shows where my dads ship was in relation to Battleship Row
He was on the USS Pelias. 18 years old and was on the ship when the attacks began.

                                       One of the Arizona's Turets.


                                Memorial Wall of people killed by the attack.

                                                     USS Missouri

                                                   USS Bowfin

View from inside the Memorial

The actual Anchor from the USS Arizona

Manta Ray 

Love the ton's of rainbows.

USS Utah Memorial on Ford Island


Rainbow near Pearl City

Downtown Waikiki

Downtown Waikiki

Waikiki beach

Waikiki beach

Downtown Waikiki

Waikiki at Sunset

Waikiki at Sunset

Hub dragging my bright pink suitcase when i got off the plane

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