Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Princess of quite a LOT

I love animals. Anyone that knows me, knows that they can count on me to save an animal.

And here is our latest rescue.  Princess. She's a pitbull. She's elderly, has bad hips, is a bit overweight, but without a doubt the most loving dog i've ever owned. EVER.  I've known her for years, as she was owned by our neighbors.  

My neighbors were moving and couldn't take her to the new home. My husband told them, no worries, i know my wife would love to take her. And he was right. Now she gets to sit outside all day in the sun. She has a big property to play on if she chooses. She has a pretty intimidating bark when other animals go by, but she's not dangerous at all. The only danger is either getting licked to death, or getting whipped by her wagging tail.  

I don't blame her owners at all. They did a good job raising her, and everyone involved with this beautiful girl did a great job.  Plus she gets along with both of our cats! Her and Henry J are room mates in the garage at night. Match made in heaven, you could say!

So, welcome Princess to our family. We have loved you for so long, and now you are ours!

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