Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Breasts are a Pain in the Ass...

Had my annual mammogram on June 9th. I was all set to announce that i was a 13 year breast cancer survivor.

But, my right breast had other ideas.  

Back in 2002, when i had Breast Cancer, it was in my right breast. i chose partial mastectomy (i was 45 and i have no idea why i gave a crap about keeping part of a my body that was a troublemaker). Over the years, i'd had a couple of worrisome spots. Needle biopsies were done, and always nothing to worry about.

Not this time. This time there is a thickening in the breast that was not there a year ago.  The doctor said with my history, she wants me to see a surgeon and get an MRI.  So, I'm waiting for the scheduler to call and get me in.

MRI.  Magnetic resonance imaging.  Basically it looks at me without opening me up. i HATE this machine.  
you lie on that table, and it puts you in the tube deal.  I never EVER knew i was claustrophobic until i went into it.  the top of the inside is literally a couple of inches above your face. When i realized i was in there, i started crying. Then i decided to just close my eyes and sing a song. the only one i could remember ALL the words to was 'Jesus Loves Me'. I sang it over and over and over again. Finally they brought me out, and i was sweating and crying. They asked me if i was alright... i wanted to yell at them, but realized they were being genuine. 

There is an open MRI which i had a few years ago (for my back) 

Yes, it was open, on the sides, and nowhere NEAR as bad as the other one, but still close to the face.  I appreciate what the machine has to do, but i'd love to just punch it's face so that it can suffer too. (shhh, i know)

Anyway, this thickening might be nothing, but could be something. The doctors are on top of it, so I'll just wait for results.

if you are a  praying type peep, by all means, pray. I appreciate any and all prayers, good thoughts and comments. If it is my time, i'm going down swinging. If not, then, as usual, i will continue to give it all i've got!

I can say that i'm sick to death of 2015 and need it to be done.



joanne said...

I feel the same way about 2015! Will keep you in my prayers and be sure to keep us updated.

Debbie said...

Love you Deb, any news? 2015 has been terrible for me too, healthwise. Keep in touch and let me know, PLEASE!