Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can anyone help?

When my father passed away in 1991, my brother entrusted my dad's medals from the Navy to my Aunt, my dads sister.  He assured me he would get them back.

Unfortunately my brother passed away in 2012 and never did get around to getting them back. He said that he couldn't locate her. My Aunt who as of this writing is still alive has moved from her home in Richmond Virginia.  I can't locate her, which means that I cannot get my dads medals back.  

I have since found out that if I follow MANY MANY paths, i can get COPIES of medals back.  Not to sound ungrateful, but i want the originals. As the oldest living child, i am entitled to those medals. I realize my dear brother did what he thought was right at the time, but over time it turns out it wasn't. 

My aunts name is Elizabeth B Bache. She is the widow of Cyrus 'Mac' Bache.  they are parents to William and Michael Bache.  They lived at 1606 Bellevue Avenue Richmond, VA.  

We had a falling out after my father passed, and the details of that are just silly.  Hurt feelings over the management of the trust fund. Hurt feelings by myself and my brother towards my Aunt Beth.  I know for a fact my father would want his hard earned medals in the hands of his daughter.  I certainly don't want to say my father didn't love his sister. He did, unfailingly. They were as close as my brother and I were.  

If anyone can help me locate my aunt so that I can get these medals back, i would be so grateful.  I miss my father with all of my heart.  It has always made me sad that I didn't have these in my possession.  

If you could repost this blog, i'd forever be grateful.

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