Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time's a flying, and i don't have an air sickness bag

Holy Smokes, its April! This does not please me, as its closer to summer, and everyone knows how much i HATE summer.  Oh well, as long as I have air conditioning, i'll suck it up!

I had to have an endometrial biopsy yesterday (the 5th). If you've had one before then i'm sure you feel for me. If you haven't, well, let me tell you, it wasn't so much painful as it was unpleasant.  I had some bleeding about a month ago, and the doc says anytime there is bleeding after menopause its not normal.  I'm 10  years out from Menopause.  Of course i was 46 and after breast cancer, chemo threw me into menopause.

Also, i had to have a pap smear since it was SEVEN YEARS since my last one. Oops! I'm usually good about that stuff, but i can bet my stupid Diabetes got me off track.  (yep, i'll blame diabetes)

Results for both of those tests take about 7 to 10 days. So as soon as I know,you'll know. I'm not too concerned, i have faith that it'll be fine.

Tomorrow is Wrestlemania.  If you didn't already know I'm a HUGE wrestling fan.  Have been since the 80's when my son and i would go the WWF Matches at the Sports Arena.  We'd get to meet the wrestlers before the matches, and we'd also wait for them when their limo's would pull up.  We always managed to get tickets down in front.  We'd yell at all of the wrestlers, cheer like crazy, and buy all of the souvenir stuff.  So, its not really a stretch for me to still be interested.  It cost 65 bucks for Pay Per View Wrestlemania, but its worth it! plus, i don't go out, i don't drink or smoke, so I feel i can justify this, right!?

Also tomorrow, is the season premiere of Mad Men.  My DVR is going to be working overtime.  I love me some John Hamm.  if you've never seen the show, its about the Ad Men of the 60's.  They are very authentic with everything on this show. Only one more season after this, so i'm dreading the end of course.

okay time to run, but rest assured i will post the results of my biopsy and pap as soon as they come in.


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Debbie said...

Oh Deb, yes I have had one of those biospies, many years ago, well 17 yrs ago, right before my hyterectomy. I have actually had 2. No fun for sure!!! Please let me know ASAP!! I am having those stomach biopsies tomorrow. I will pray for both of us to have good results!! Of course, you are in my daily prayers, anyways!!
I don't do the wrestling thing. Violent things like that has always scared me. Yes, I am a wuss. LOL.
Keep in touch, my dear sweet friend!!! ILY!
God Bless~