Friday, October 5, 2012

This, that, and the other

Since Jennifer moved in with her boyfriend, its just been hub and I.  He works graveyard, so i had to get used to being by my lonesome.  Now, hub has started his THREE WEEK vacation.  Normally, with him being home 24/7, i would just get Jennifer and off we would go somewhere.  I love my husband, but he's annoying when he's on vacation.  He's a couch potato, won't shave, won't help clean, nothing!

We have also decided to take a little trip to Las Vegas.  It will be the first time since we got married 21  years ago, that we will be childless for a vacation.  I always chose to have the kids with us when we went anywhere. i just figured, i didn't have those children to have someone else babysit them.  My choice.  Hub wasn't always happy about it, but he understood.

So, we've booked a room at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. Its on the strip, but further down.  Since we'll have a car, we can drive whereever we want.  

Speaking of car, Jennifers boyfriend offered us the use of his car so that we wouldn't have to spend money renting one.  How sweet is that? its a 2009 VW Jetta.  And of course, being the best driver in my family, means that I'll be driving.  We are taking the back way to Vegas in order to just enjoy the drive and have some fun.

In other news, there's the gas prices.

this was the price of gas October 4th in our town.  October 5th its 5.17.
RIDICULOUS.  Thats all I'll say on that, but you can rest assured that i am NOT happy about this.

in closing, my friend Debi bought me this Breast Cancer bracelet from Brighton Collectibles.  She said since i do a LOT for her (helping her out at her restaurant by doing the books for free) she wanted to do something nice for me.  How cool is that?

Thats it for now.  The summer hot weather has finally ceased, so i'm a happy happy camper.  I'll blog with pictures when we get back from Vegas.  Hopefully we'll win enough to buy that Lincoln MKZ that i'd love to have.  Or, maybe i'll have enough to buy a 2$ tequila drink at the hotel LOL


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Debbie said...

Now, you and Scotty, go and have fun together!!! If you win big, come see me!!! LOL..
That was very nice of Jen's BF to offer his car for you. David and i don't go anywhere cause we don't have a decent vehicle, and no credit card to rent one!! We want to take a trip down to Georgia, to see his daughter, but no decent car to take. You can't rent a car now without a credit card. We haven't ever seen her last 2 children and saw baby number 2 out of 4, when she was 6 weeks old. She is now in 1st grade!! They are stationed in Georgia right now, and will be going back to Washington State in about a year. We will never make it out there!!
Well, go have fun, enjoy being the 2 of you, cause that's what it will be from now on!! They grow up fast, don't they?


God Bless~