Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful...lalala

Snow. We got snow! We've lived up here for 4 years, and FINALLY we got the snow i've been waiting for. At the very least we got a foot of the white stuff. It started snowing on Saturday afternoon, and just stopped this morning. Crazy!

i was at daughters work Sunday evening, and Fox 5 news was there, and they interviewed me for their 10pm news Sunday night. I looked like crap, but the man that interviewed me was purdy.

The major interstate through here was completely shut down due to snow and ice. There are no side roads to get from San Diego to the arizona border in our area, so its a BIG deal when they shut down the interstate. It remained closed for 9 hours. WOW!

Daughter had to work this morning, but the cars are buried in snow, and the road isn't plowed, so the owner of her work came and picked her up in his 4x4.  

since my new phone somehow deleted all of my blog pics, there's none to show. But take my word for it, there's a lot of white.

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