Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm my own muse.

Its only about 3 months until Jennifer graduates from high school. We've paid for the senior pictures, cap and gown, and the yearbook dedication. The school isn't recommending any place to do invitations, so we're going to check online. We'll send them out to people, NOT expecting gifts, but to show how proud *I* am of all that Jennifer has accomplished.

i remember when she started Kindergarten. She started early, and at the first school she went to, the teacher told me, that Jennifer wouldn't be able to do much in life, because she started school to soon. (yeah, I'm sending HER an invite). The next school I enrolled her in, she had a wonderful kindergarten teacher, Mrs Joy. When i told her what the other teacher had said, she said that Jennifer had plenty of promise and enthusiasm, and would go far in life. (i captured that on our video recorder). I truly believe that Mrs Joy had a BIG part of making Jennifer the young lady she is today.

In other news: My health has been a bit better. My blood pressure is all back to normal, thanks to a new drug called Amlodipine. AND, since I've been eating much more healthy (no fried foods, LOW sugar, carbs and sodium) i've lost about 10 pounds! It'll be nice losing weight without having to be in the hospital to do it (thanks DKA)

Our taxes came back, and went right back out the door. Gave the car company a BIG CHUNK of it. only 2 payments left now. Take it from me, please don't EVER refinance your car if you don't need to. Unfortunately, we had to since I lost my job, and had no other choice. It lowered our car payment from over 450 dollars a month to 350 a month. But it added to our payments, which sucked. But, as you know, you do what you have to do to stay ahead. But by May, i will not owe one dime to that horrible company, Santander. blech.

We've had a horribly nice winter so far. Yeah, i know, its been awful everywhere else, but i love the snow, and look forward to the dreary gray skies, the rain and all that goes with it. But, i live in Southern California, and we are known for the lack of rain.

Its that time. Intermission is over for the first half of Gone With The Wind (yep, I'm watching it on TV even though i have it on VHS and DVD). So i'm back to the television. Everyone enjoy your day, and of course your nights


Debbie Jean said...

I can't believe she is graduating already. Time sure flies!!! I know you have to be proud of her!!! What are her plans after she graduates?

I love ya, Deb. Thanks for thinking of me. We still don't know a darned thing yet about the house :(

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

PS. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Just Deb said...

She wants to go to school, possibly to do makeup, you know, like for movie stars and studios. We're checking into that. She's a good student, but quite honestly, she hates book studies. LOL.

And you know i always think about you! xoxo