Friday, April 30, 2010

Will there be small children falling out of his ears?

Just a little insomnia tonight, so, instead of running the channels, i chose blogging over a TV Biography on Hitler. Don't congratulate me, I'd already seen it. So blogging it is. I'm going to sit here, and struggle with something to talk about while eating my diabetes friendly pretzels, and drinking a water.

My darling husband, The Scottymon, has been having ear issues for about a year. They are now getting worse, they close up on him and cause him a lot of pain...or so he says. Let me give you some history about Scotty. He has, without a doubt, the HIGHEST threshold of pain of anyone that I have ever known. He never complains about any aches and pains. Except his ears. In the beginning, i was completely understanding. Now? not so much. He's missing work now, something he's NEVER done before. The man had a spotless attendance record at work.

Jenny and I had planned a trip to Disneyland for his birthday for a while now. We have Annual Passes, so it was a very inexpensive trip. That is, until he decided his ears may close up, so he passed on the trip. He did tell Jenny and I to go, and just be home at 9pm, so that he could make it to work. I figured, what a great birthday gift, a nice quiet house! So, we left for Disneyland early, and had a blast being 2 silly girls at The Happiest Place on Earth. But, since Scotty had to work, we cut the trip short at 6 and left to come home.

When we arrived home, Scotty wasn't even remotely close to being ready for work. He told us that he wasn't going. By then I'd had enough. I asked him why he didn't call me to tell me, so that we could stay until Disneyland closed. I, normally, would have been patient and understanding. But, again, his ears were affecting our lives, and I was just tired of it. Then today, again, he called out sick to work, because one of his ears closed up. That was enough for me. I told him, in the morning, he was going to urgent care, and I didn't care if small children were falling out of his ears, he was going.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love my husband dearly. I even like him too! He stood by my side through childbirth, my near death from Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Breast Cancer, and my degenerative disk disease in my back and hip. BUT, when he looked me in the eye, and said 'you dont know what its like to have pain', all bets were off. After about an hour of telling him my point of view, or as i call it, the RIGHT point of view, he saw things my way, and he will be going to urgent care, no arguments. We'll just get a bag to hold the small babies that fall out of his ears.

I had to remind him, that i have narcotics for my back and hip pain (that, by the way, i get permanent disability for) and i dont take them everyday. I also dont complain about my pain, and i STILL manage to be a school volunteer, a very very very involved mom with our daughter Jennifer. I can't take a day off from pain when Jennifer has a school function, or needs a ride to something. Its just what moms do.

That said, I'm not a bully either. I've taken Scott to 4 different doctors for this ear thing, but whenever we go to the appointment, the problem isn't occurring. I've bought ear plugs for him in case that helped. We've tried Sweet Oil drops in his ears. Every doctor has told him that smoking could be an issue, but Scott wont accept that, and hasn't cut back. I have kind of fixed that problem to my advantage. Even though he's always smoked outside, now, he has to go down the stairs to the ground level and smoke down there. Snow, rain, winds, I dont care, thats where he goes.

Have I justified myself? LOL, probably not. But I'm not the monster here. or am i? I do feel sorry for him, really. I think I'm just tired of this health issue. After all, its been going on for at least a year, and right now, it looks like there's no end in sight. That is until tomorrow. Just pray that there are small children falling out of his ears, and hopefully this will FINALLY diagnose the problem.

UPDATE: took Scotty to urgent care this morning... turns out that he's got big time allergies, and that he was all sorts of backed up. So, he got Zyrtec, Saline spray, something called Ipratropium spray for his nose, and vicoden (for me haha). its already made a BIG difference. We have a happy Scotty now, and I like happy Scotty.

Oh, here's a few pics of our abbreviated visit to Disneyland. We had fun. We rode all of the silly rides (code for 'kids rides') that we never ride when Scotty is with us. We laughed like 5 year olds, and had a good time, just us girls.
here we are riding Alice in Wonderland, just being in front of Its A Small World
Jenny in front of some pretty flowers near New Orleans SquareThis shot is for my lovely friend 'Ohio' Deb. There's a Mickey!
This is the obligatory Matterhorn shot, on a beautiful day in Anaheim CA.

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Debbie Jean said...

Happy hubbies are so much better than ubhappy ones! Glad he is feeling better!! Thanks for the Mickey pic!! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there. Of course I would have to be in my power chair!! I wish I could walk all that way!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean