Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Dad above all dads.

its that time of year again.... the anniversary of the death of THE most important man in my life, my daddy. Its been 19 years since he left. Sure he's in a much better place, but I'm selfish, and I want him here. He'd only be 87, and a handsome 87 he would be.

February 17th, will forever be a sad day in my life, no matter what happens. I remember the day he died like it was yesterday. We had visited him that afternoon, and I told him that I'd be back after we had dinner. We received a call at the restaurant that he had passed away. Even though I knew it was coming, getting that call knocked the wind out of me. You see the people that scream and wail when they get news like this. That was me. I had to be carried out to the car for the drive home. To this day, even though i know better, I wish I had been there for him in his final moments. I have rationalized it, saying he didnt want me there during that final time, but still...

We had a beautiful military funeral for him at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetary. My dad was outlandish, and to honor him, i wore bright pink to the funeral. He would have loved that. One year, after my mom had passed away, he went to Las Vegas. He was walking down the strip, and a hooker tried to 'pick him up'. He said that the reason she did this, was because he was wearing his bright yellow socks. Thats just how my dad was, and i felt it only right to dress in a bright color for him.

I loved my daddy more than any man in my life, including my husband. While I'm in love with my husband (most of the time lol) I LOVE my daddy. I was, plain and simple, a daddy's girl. Anyone that knew my dad liked him. I dont think he ever had an enemy.

Thats it for today. Just a post dedicated to the best dad ever!

taken about 6 months before he passed.
me and daddy

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