Monday, January 4, 2010

Updates and then some.......we got em!

We're into 2010 pretty much in one piece. I made a resolution to walk every day so that i can lose some of this weight, and try to make sure my sugars are under control. I am afraid i was a bit overzealous in my mission to make myself healthier. My body was NOT happy that i walked 3 days in a row. My feet, which carry part of the burden of my neuropathy, told me NEVER to walk that many days in a row. Ouch! So, i've decided to try it every other day. On top of that, I will listen to my body. I dont need to walk as far as i have been. Down the street is fine. Either way, I've got a year to get it right.

My former boss told me that she is collecting her pension early, at 55. I could wait until i was 65, but in all honesty, who knows where I'll be at 65? So I got in touch with the Retirement specialist at my former job, and after calculating me as a single person (I'm too much of a princess to be single) she calculated, that at age 65, i would get $300.00 per month. If i began collecting it in 18 months (at age 55), i would get $165.00 a month. 10 years of my life at that job, and thats what I'm worth? When i told her i was married, and that I'd like to begin getting it in 18 months, she told me it would take a couple of weeks to recalculate and she'd get back to me. LOL, it'll probably be less, but, hey, any money coming in is better than nothing. The way i look at it, when i'm 55, Jenny will be 18 and i will lose her amount of Social Security payment a month, so this will just replace that. After all of the 'crap' that I've been through, I'm all about now. If I'm alive when I'm 65, I'll just worry about it then.

Scotty and I went to the San Diego International Auto Show on Friday. I go every year, as I'm always able to win tickets. this year i REALLY lucked out, and won 14 tickets! So, this year, trying to improve my karma, i had hub take them to work, and give them away. We had a nice time at the show. The cars are beautiful. One car, that i loved and wanted, was the Lincoln Concept Car. They arent in production, but its so cute, and i know i'd look cute as hell in it!
Lincoln Concept Car. Yes, they probably roped it off to keep me away!
The inside of the Concept Car. Its like a little living room!

Scotty in the new Chevy Camaro2010 Ford MustangIf Scotty could have found a way to sleep with this car, he would have.

On to my oldest, and dearest cat, Monkey. She's soon to be 13, and is slowly going down hill. She's lost a ton of weight, cant keep food down for the most part, and spends her days and nights sleeping. She's got the same symptoms that her mom had when she died 3 years ago, from Renal Failure. I know its coming down to 'that time' and we must make a decision, but it breaks my heart. She is my baby, i've had her since the day she was born (her mommy had her in my closet). She's not in any pain, so it makes the decision all the more difficult. I remember, back in 1984, our dog, Gato (yes, thats spanish for Cat) had a stroke during the night, and was paralyzed. He was 16. My dad had to take him to be put to sleep, and I dont think I've ever cried that hard. Moments like this, might be the reason i think twice before getting pets. So, if you are reading this, please say a prayer for Monkey, and for us, as making that decision is such a difficult one.

Okay, just an update. XOXO (is anyone really reading this? i never know)
Miss Monkey Tice
Isnt she absolutely gorgeous? this pic was taken in 2007

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Deb said...

UPDATE: Monkey ate an entire can of Fancy Feast this morning! Maybe she just figures she doesnt want the cheap stuff from Walmart! funny, the other cats dont mind it LOL