Saturday, January 23, 2010

I finally got my snow wish!

California got hit by BIG rain storms for 6 days straight. California is in a drought, so it was welcomed. And you know the best part? Here on Waltons Mountain, WE GOT SNOW! yes! I have a cold, and went outside and played in it, which I am paying for today, but I was like a little kid. Scotty couldn't even go to work, because it snowed for 12 hours straight. The roads were in bad shape. So, i just wanted to show you pictures of my own personal snow! The daytime pics are of a bunch of us just walking down the street, using peoples driveways to sled. Then it snowed more, so we were done. LOL
my car on the street. couldn't park in the Driveway because we wouldn't be able to get out! slippery!we're all walking in search of a good hill to slide downMe bundled up. Our Streetfound a good driveway. It even had a small speedbump, suitable for flying!Jenny and our Neighbor Tisha, in our yard, sledding. The flat trash can lid is a fail.Our cats, Peanut and Frito, chasing snowflakes and playing in the snow.


Debbie Jean said...

You make me smile, being all happy about the snow. I am glad y'all got some, so you could play. I can't even walk in the stuff so I hate it!!! How much did you end up with? Our's is all melted right now, but due more next week :(. When I lived in South Carolina where we got very little like y'all, I always thought I'd love to live where it snowed. Oh was I wrong....LOL...

Love ya girl!! You are looking good by the way!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Deb said...

we got about 6 inches, probably more but it rained in between. 10 miles up the road got about a Foot and a half. aw thank you for the compliment xoxo