Thursday, August 6, 2009

my widdle punkin is growing up

Yikes, i just realized I had been MIA here. But, i've been semi-busy. Did you miss me? my loyal reader? lol

Jenny has a new boyfriend. Cody. He's so sweet. and the best part? lives 90 minutes away from us. She's being so cute and faithful, and i like that he lives far away. Just my special attempt at keeping the reigns pulled tight. She's known him for awhile, but recently reconnected through text messages. He was here a few weeks ago for my towns Pine Valley Days celebration. His dad brought him up, along with his two sisters. Sweet family, and they like Jennifer. Then, last week, Cody's mom took Cody, and the sisters to the beach, and on the way, picked up Jenny. They had a great time.

So, a couple of days ago, Cody texted me, asking if it was alright for Jennifer to come to the River with his family. I asked who was going, and the entire family was going, Dad, Mom, and both sisters (ages are 14 and 13). They stay in a cabin, one room, no electricity. They all sleep on cots. Everything is hooked up to a generator. there is no privacy, except the bathroom, of course. I also talked to the mom, who assured me, that she has the same concerns as I do, and that the kids are never left to their own devices. Not only for the obvious reasons, but for safety reasons. So, i okayed Jenny going.

i dropped her off yesterday. We made the 90 minute drive to the city of Holtville. Its in the desert, near the larger town of El Centro. Or as i affectionately call it, HELL Centro. Its largely an agricultural town. As we got off the freeway, we got caught in a sandstorm. blech. and oh the temperature!!! It was 110 degrees. So, to be nice to my car, we drove with the windows down the entire way there. except when the sand hit, then UP went the windows on went the A/C. I dropped her off, and of course i embarrassed her, saying to Cody 'no sex young man, and i will know if you did it or not'. Jenny just rolled her eyes and walked away. I like Cody. He's respectful to me, and not in an Eddie Haskell sort of way. Genuinely, a nice kid. Besides, i figure, i've got to give Jenny a chance to prove she's mature enough to handle something like this. ugh, i miss when she was an infant. i had control then. well, as much control as someone can have over an infant.

They will be gone through Monday morning, and then the mom is bringing her back. In the meantime, i have the house to myself at night, since Scotty works graveyard. He sleeps during the day, so, i'm alone during the day. And with Jenny gone, i can actually watch TV without having Spongebob on, or The Bee Movie. LOL

here's some pics i took yesterday of our drive.

driving into the desert. Lots of nothing.

the sandstorm!!! it was really strange. this was just the beginning.

heading back to Waltons Mountain (in the background)

Jenny and Cody at the beach.

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