Thursday, January 8, 2009

so Sue me

Did you hear about the model who is suing Google because, get this, she wants them to cough up the identity of an anonymous blogger who wanted her known as 'our #1 skanky superstar', among other tasty little insults? What ever happened to freedom of speech? I bet this broad googled herself. This got me to thinking, i bet my personal Sasquatch,  googles herself and comes up with my site. and Mandie the other 'worst sister in law in the world'Ursenbach, probably has more than one self-google attempt. When will all of these fools understand, my attempt at Internet Domination is almost complete, and their information will be available to everyone,no matter who they sue, or who they sleep with (and heaven knows thats a big number)

I have my plane reservations in hand for my trip to IdahoUdaho. April 14th is the day. But wow, what a round about way to get there. Leave San Diego go through Dallas, then off to Salt Lake City. My free tickets dont go to Idaho, so its rental car time for Jenny and I. and yes, i said DALLAS. how strange is that. The other option was going thru Chicago. i dont get it either. Why couldnt they fly through Las Vegas, so i could hang out in my land of opportunity? But it is what it is. I'm excited. I really am not a fan of leaving my home, and i think i am in the beginning stages of Agoraphobia. But, i'm going to do it. I get severe motion sickness, so i'm really going to do my research on how to deal with this.

I know in the past i've used Dramamine, which was fine, but damn it made me drowsy. they tell you not to drink when you take Dramamine, and they werent kidding. On our honeymoon, we flew to Vegas and of course, at the reception i was drinking all day, and popped my trusty little pill before we took off. When we were mid air, i wasnt sea sick at all. BUT, i fell down twice walking in the aisle. i had my headset on, and was singing full blast to the commercials on the airplane channel. and nevermind that when we got to the airport our luggage missed its plane, and i started screaming 'I NEED CLOTHES FOR OUR HONEYMOON'. it all made perfect sense to me. So this time, i'm going to read up on all types of stuff to 'fix' motion sickness. I mean, come on, have you ever puked into an airsick bag? Teeny Tiny thing for a big job!

Saturday Jenny and i are ninja shopping. For those of you that dont know, we refer to it as ninja shopping, because we shop, long and hard, and heaven help them if someone gets in our way...... NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have a full day planned. First stop, the Swap Meet. i love the swap meet. its kind of like an organized garage sale. its aisles and aisles of crap, and i'm a big fan of crap. Then we're off to get Jenny an industrial piercing. She's been begging for one, and honeychild has made a marked improvement in her attitude, so i'll reward her with this. This is her friends piercing (its on top of the ear)

While we are at the mall, i'm going to buy the Shamwow! YES!!!!!! they have a Shamwow kiosk at mall. i've always just walked by it and daydreamed about my hunny Vince the Shamwow guy. But now, i'll have the money, and i'm going to buy it!

I'll close with news of the JennyPunkinPie. you might know that she's been on house arrest for a while (i wont go into detail, but suffice it to say it was bad enough to warrant house arrest). Part of Jennys problem was she got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Since we were new up here on Waltons Mountain, i didnt know who the right or wrong crowd was. Now i know. I had Jenny on a work study program the last week of school, which basically had her homeschooled. Now that she's back at school , i have met with all 7 of her teachers, and they are all helping Jennifer stay focused, and will work with me to ensure that school stays Jennifers priority. Also her counselor and English teacher are helping out. The counselor called me and asked if Jennifer would like to become involved in girls Softball. She had just asked last week about this, so i knew she'd love to do it. She got herself all signed up, all i have to do is take her to get a physical. Also her English teacher has Jennifer assisting backstage during drama. Props and such. i'm so happy that the teacher to child ratio is a LOT smaller, so they are able to give Jennifer more of themselves. and who knows, maybe Jennifer will be the next Meryl Streep?

Thats it for now. its warmed up to a whopping 50 degrees, so its warm enough to take a shower! XOXO

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Katie Mae said...

OK... I really kinda like the ear thing! It won't ruin her teeth or sound like shit when she eats or talks! YAY Jenny for doing so good!

Abs wishes she had a mom like you who didn't go into details LOL!

I can't wait for yall to get here!!! I don't know how to stop motion sickness other than to get plastered and not give a shit who you vomit on LOL!

And I LOVED "and I'm a big fan of crap" aren't we all? We will have to find lots of crap when you are here... I've become fans of all the consignment shops and thrift stores!

~ Me