Saturday, January 17, 2009

Its a good bye to a good buy

Today was Saturday Ninja shopping day for Jenny and I. We have done this for at least 10 years. We plan an entire day around shopping. We call it Ninja shopping because if anyone gets in our way, we go Ninja on them! its our mommy daughter bonding, and we both get a kick out of it. There are some Saturdays where we just dont have the money, but that doesnt stop us. On those days (and there were a ton of them when i was not getting my promised disability payments) we just go to the nicest malls or stores and act like we're going to buy jewelry or clothing. Or we'll people watch at the mall. That in itself takes up an entire day! Have you seen the people that frequent the mall?

Today we started off getting Jenny a trim. I made the mistake of going to the mall haircut place Master Cuts. Dont get me wrong, they did a good job on her hair. But, the broad that cut her hair, decided to lecture me on what a poor parent i was because i allowed Jenny to bleach her hair. She told me i should have made better color choices. I didnt say a word, i just let her ramble, and decided i would just email Master Cuts later. Then after all that, she tried to schedule an appointment for Jenny to come back to get her hair colored correctly. Yeah, that will happen. One good thing came of it, Jenny will be getting her hair colored by our friend Tina, who owns her own hair and nail salon. She does a great job, and never ever over charges. Stay tuned to feb 11th, for the new do.

We closed out our shopping day with a visit again to Bath and Bodyworks. I love that place, and they could bury me in there. Then of course we stopped at Albertsons and Walmart for the house crap.

I received a message from a friend of mine that lives sort of near us, that she found the Shamwow at Walgreens AND Walmart. Unfortunately for me, 2 visits to different Walgreens, and 2 visits to different Walmart, only got me an extra box of Sugar cookies for Jenny.

This brings me to my love of Informercials! If you have been living in a cave, you'll be thrilled to read about my love of 'crap' like Shamwows, the Nu-Wave oven, the Slap Chop etc. I love Vince the guy that sells the Shamwow and the Slap-chop. I love to lie on the couch, with the remote in my hand, late at night (get your mind out of the gutter) and run the channels, looking for the next infomercial. let me share some of my favorites. Let me know of some good ones, as i'm always looking for a new one! (that is, if anyone reads this blog lmfao)

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Here's Vince doing what he does best........ schmoozing and selling. Listen carefully, this is pure genius!!!!!

i love ANYTHING Vince the Shamwow/Slapchop guy sells. Live the life of the infomerical lover. I have decided that if i die, i want all of my cheap crap to go with me. If hub dies first, then the money i get from his life insurance policy shall go towards getting me stocked up on the latest crap!


Debbie said...

He's going to get me slim, 1 slap at a time!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!


God Bless~

Vanessa said...

bua! ha! ha! ha!
"you're gonna love my nuts!"

You'll say wow every time...I sure do.