Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a day without sunshine is night

My first Bloggerspotpostthingymabob. i'm so busy blogging at myspace, that i never realized that i could blog elsewhere. Apparently i've lifted my leg and opened an account here some time ago, and forgot. I just want 'MsDebAgain' to be all over the internetz. i plan on taking over the internet someday. What i'll get for that is not yet known, but i will be a force to be reckoned with.

Living up here on Waltons Mountain (aka Pine Valley) has truly put me into a world of my own. In my fine town of 1500 people, we have one main drag where we have 'the stores'. Mountain Market, Majors Coffee Shop, Pine Valley Java, Frosty Burger, Calvin's Sports Bar and Grille. We also have a gas station -slash-Pizza place called Pine Valley Market. Last week i had to get gas to get me down the mountain, and gas was 2.99 a gallon. i was thrilled, as the last time i got gas up here it was 3.27! When i drove down the hill, gas was 2.05. i felt like Aunt Bee leaving Mayberry.

i find myself stocking up on groceries so i dont have to drive into town to Albertsons. and as many drugs as i take, thank Goodness the nearest pharmacy is only 15 minutes away. They have my morphine and percocets in stock, so a good pharmacy they be!

Jenny goes to school at Mountain Empire. The bus picks her up right on the end of our street, and drops her off in the same spot. i never have to leave the house! I like her school. its a smaller student to teacher ratio, so she gets the attention i've been craving since she started kindergarten. I also love the teachers. Jenny has told me that when the kids start talking in spanish during class, the teacher says to them 'this is America, speak English'. I LOVE THAT! i wish they'd do that to the idiots that shop where i do.

ok nothing dramatic today. just a small 'getting to know you' blog! cant let Katie Mae one up me too much!


Katie Mae said...

LOL! I love it!

I'm still getting used to it myself... so when you take over the Internet, can you make html and CSS just a little bit easier?

Now I gotta subscribe to you... go to feedburner and figure out how I got the e-mail subscribe thingy... that seems the easiest LOL! If I could remember, I'd tell you how to do it.

If you get going on this thing... let me know and I'll design you a template!

Debbie said...

Hey, I have been on this thing a long while...LOL.. Welcome!!!

Bruno Familia said...

I just love you...I got one of these too but I haven't been on in a while...once I learned like 3 years worth of shit about Gabe's ex on her blog -- hahaha! I figured I shouldn't give them ammo right?